Demystifying how to create a training analytics dashboard using Power BI (video tutorial)

Dan Belhassen
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Learning analytics is one of the most intimidating and misunderstood components of online training. You can’t improve what you can’t measure accurately. How can you provide your return on training investment (ROTI) if you can’t make sense of your numbers? Spreadsheets are just rows and columns of data. How does it all make sense, and how do you know what story the numbers are actually telling? 

Good news! Your learning analytics don’t have to be a mystery anymore. 

For over a decade, I’ve been committed to demystifying eLearning, and my recent webinar was designed to help you – the “not-a-data-scientist” – to better visualize and understand your learning (or any) analytics output. 

How? I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process that shows you how to achieve better data visualization by using a free tool called Power BI by Microsoft. BI stands for Business Intelligence, and that’s how you will feel – more intelligent about your numbers – when you start seeing what Power BI can do for you.

As a business owner, I completely understand the need for solid “end results” – and recognize that most people are not data nerds – you’re likely a CTO, training manager, or administrator that wants to understand and report your numbers accurately. Even if you aren’t involved in online training, but data helps inform your business decisions, this video is for you. 

Join me for the least technical “tech demo” you’ve ever experienced – a 15-minute introductory session to get you started using Power BI with confidence. I use Power BI daily to make sense of my company’s business analytics, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned about this powerful free tool. 

I’ll give you some practical, hands-on techniques and tips to help you take the first steps towards understanding how Power BI does the heavy lifting of data visualization for you – so you can understand your data in a way that makes more sense than spreadsheets of numbers. Who doesn’t love a good graph or chart?

Screenshot of the PowerBI dashboard.

If you want to go deeper and explore all the ways that Power BI can help you with your business, my team at Neovation offers consulting services to help you maximize Power BI or even manage your Power BI data reporting. We’re here to help.

Enjoy the video – and let us know what you think! Pass it on to others in your department or network who might benefit from investing time in “demystifying training analytics.” Or feel free to subscribe to our Learning Hub and receive updates for new articles and videos on learning analytics, Power BI techniques, and more!

Smiling man with short black hair in a black suit jacket.
Dan Belhassen

Dan, the founder of Neovation Learning Solutions, is obsessed with improving digital learning and training. A frequent and engaging speaker at eLearning events, Dan is sure to make learners and L&D professionals alike question long-held beliefs and stretch their thinking about how people learn and retain information.

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